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Talent strategy

BianFeng(Winger) enterprise vision: to build a business platform , the platform to make our dream come true.

BianFeng(Winger) business philosophy: integrity innovation and sustainable development.

Enterprise's achievement has brought together the wisdom of the collective, we have long been firmly believe that We are looking for business partners rather than a Passive work staff, only the ideal person get the qualification to join us. Partners in the realization of value are the fundamental element of our development and strengthen. Personal growth, bring up our platform, platform upgrade the dream of our partners.  


Cultural connotation of BianFeng(winger) enterprise: integrity innovation + three systems + PK culture

  • Integrity & innovation
  • Integrity, we always stick to promise, we develop together with you.
    Innovation, it's the motive force that we grow up. we progress together with you. 
    Three systems -- salary system, promotion system, training system


  • Salary system  

    Winger culture is the real humanism culture; we consider the motive forces question of our business partners, so "winger Salary system" arises at the historic moment. Reasonable compensation design, scientific allocation, thoroughly solved the motive forces question of the partners.

  • Promotion system

    For the different characteristics of management,  research and development positions, marketing positions , considering the viscosity of various jobs, to effectively motivate partners to fight for a long time, winger carefully build the promotion system, for you to solve the endurance problem of the entrepreneurship path, let us happily promotion!

  • Training system 
  • Confidence comes from strength and core competitiveness decide the price, you ability of solve the problem is the problem that you have to really care. We think what you think, what you worry, own system and unique style of "winger training system" will accompany you to overcome a management problem, and marketing problem. 


    PK culture

    PK purpose is PK activity of through various forms to excavate the partners’ potential, let our partners to work hard from the heart, and take the initiative to build our own business platform.

    PK is to make the weak become strong; the strong become stronger. PK is not to win others, but in order to pass the player missed, sum up experience. To continuously improve the effectiveness of ourselves.