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The New Trend of Air Diaphragm Punp


The 15th of IE expo officially opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center N4 Pavilion HC water industrialwebsite, an authoritative media water treatment industry, has reported the whole exhibition.
We had the privilege to interview Wang Shengshuang, General Manager of the Shanghai Bianfeng pump Co., LTD.He has always friendly showed us their unique and special privilege of pneumatic diaphragm pump series. Wang told that Shanghai Bianfeng pump manufacturing Co., LTD is one of professional manufacturers of diaphragm pump with domestic design, research develop and marketing.We has never stopped improving and optimizing our products, since the established of our company.
We based on our longterm experience had been launched three series of pneumatic diaphragm pumps with the high quality and lower price, which are widely used in various fields of chemical industry, environmental protection, oil, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, paper making, electricity,textile and so on.   
It is learned that Bianfeng pump industry has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and referred to as” high grade credit and trust worthy enterprise” by Commerce Bureau, even more, the company accessed to certificates issued by private enterprises joint Pavilion of Shanghai Expo in 2010.Even when they got much more reputation and other honorary titles, they still keep paying more close attention to management.As the company continues to grow and expand, they are nonstop introducing skilled people and talents, so as to be one of famous valve manufacturers from in Shanghai region to the whole country.Wang said: "QBY3 pneumatic diaphragm pump is the third generation series with six main merits, such as, reliable quality,long life expectancy, low noise, small vibration, non-crash fault, high exquisiteworkmanship, which had been researched and developed by our teams in our company.
Wang detailed that the third generation series are of userfriendly, reliable, easy operated by switch on and off, and even idle load running. It will be stopped automatically to reach self-protect performances and running automatically after being in a natural load.