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Service Content

Pre-sale service:

Therefore, we have established the most comprehensive marketing service system in the whole China: total of 10 service departments, 30 responsible regions and 65 service network, a team comprising 7 special levels of professionals, including managers of service department and service engineers, will provide active, fast, comprehensive and considerate services for our customers.

We have also established the systems of customer archiving and 24h rapid response etc in order to make every project/customers to be a sample project of BanFeng. With the full support from our loyal customers, we will surely commit ourselves to continuously improving the technical level of the pumps and creating a more brilliant tomorrow.

On-purchase service:

We will offer you a wide range of flexible and customer-oriented international standard office services. Our customers will enjoy the high-quality low cost guarantee a competitive price and take the advantage of first-class service. Our services will meet the needs of your personalized mix and separation.

After-sales service:

Respond to enquiries within 24 hours (working day);

Respond to any customer concerns within 24 hours (working day);

Notify customers within 24 hours (working day) if an order has been delayed;

Update technical literature revisions to our website on the same day of revision;

Respond to servicing returns within 48 hours (working day) of receipt;

Measure our customer satisfaction rating by carrying out a bi-annual satisfaction survey;