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  • Why the necessity for the pneumatic diaphragm pump to install the pneumatic FRL

    Since the compressed air contains impurities and moisture, over time, the gradually piling impurities in the valve chamber will abrade or wear the V ring and O ring. While the pneumatic FRL has ability to adjust the inlet pressure to protect the diaphragm from stressing out for over-pressure.

  • The diaphragms getting corrupted for several common causes?

    The gas source of over-pressure and the inlet being blocked or the installing valves being evacuated cause diaphragm getting broken.

  • How could the brand new diaphragm not woke after connecting gas source?

    The slide block in the valve chamber might be displacing during the transmitting.

    The specific operation method of reduction as follows: Open air valve cap,then slide the two small black slide blocks back and forth. Finally screw the valve cap on without too much tightness.  


  • Causes for not transmitting fluids after connecting gas source?

    The ball valve being worn out failure; the valve seat of bad leakproofness;

    Besides there will be a leaking on the inlet. It cannot work or transfer fluids for leaking air into the inlet pipe.

  • How to prolong the service life of pneumatic diaphragm pump?

    The installed pneumatic FRL has never stopped keeping the gas source under a normal pressure and keeping the inlet unblocked.

    It is necessary to be watered, especially when it transmitted a much more viscose (sticky).

  • Causes for the pump work slower than normal?

    The gas pressure is too small.

    Pay attention to shorten down the distance of the pipe for during piping gas for a long distance pipe will consume the pressure, which will be lower than rated pressure.



    Diaphragm pumps are one of the oldest pumping techniques used by man. We have progressed from animal skin diaphragms through mechanically driven single diaphragms, to air driven double diaphragm pumps.
    In the past 50 years, design innovations have made the air driven double diaphragm pump one of the most reliable, versatile broad application pumps available.